The many lineups of Rob Halford

We've had a lot of complaints about the declining share of Blogland content devoted to discussing music, so we've decided it's time to do something about that ...

There are few acts in the heavy metal scene who have been more enduring or had a greater influence than Judas Priest. Led by Rob Halford, they've been kicking ass and taking names since the mid-1970s. If you've caught them in their recent tours or listened to their two post-Halford reunion albums Angel of Retribution and Nostradamus, you'd agree.

If you don't agree, then you're hopeless.

In addition to being the all-around Metal God and vocalist for Judas Priest, Rob Halford has performed in guest appearances with a number of bands and lineups over the years:

Delivering the goods with Skid Row

Devil's child with Fight and Sebastian Bach (Skid Row)

Grinder with Pantera

NIB with Black Sabbath at Ozzfest 2004

Paranoid, again with Sabbath at Ozzfest

You've got another thing coming with Sum 41 & Tommy Lee

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  1. Wyboo MG 9/4/09 22:18
    We were rocking last night at the grand opening of The Palms at Wyboo on Lake Marion.

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