Berkeley Senator entertains superhero fantasies

It's no secret that not everyone in politics is in it out of altruistic motives. The world of Columbia politics often attracts those who are ambitious, narcissistic, naive, possessed with feelings of inadequacy, and sometimes those who are truly mentally imbalanced.

It has come to our attention that Berkeley County's junior State Senator, Paul Campbell, may have to the political arena to compensative for a major inadequacy.

Reports are that Campbell is jealous of Superman.

Campbell, who managed the Alcoa aluminum plant in Goose Creek before retiring and seeking his Senate seat, has been called by many the Man of Aluminum, but is secretly jealous of the Man of Steel. Since he was unable to harness the powers that come from the planet Krypton, he has sought to soothe his feelings of inadequacy by entering the political arena and working aggressively to endow the Palmetto State with new powers generated from high-tech offshore wind mills and natural gas recovery.

Reports are the Man of Aluminum was recently seen in a mask near the Capitol grounds, attempting to leap over the State House in a single bound - an attempt which ended in failure.

Or maybe he was trying to kick the crap out of yours truly after he heard I was going to run this story. I'm not sure.

5 Response to "Berkeley Senator entertains superhero fantasies"

  1. Anonymous 15/7/09 11:16
    Well he needs to pull something out of his cape after his failed coup with the corupt old guard at the county convention. I think he is going to take some political scares and baggage into the next election, should he have any Republican opposition. The grassroots efforts are already being started to get rid of some of these legislators.
  2. mg 15/7/09 16:59
    I never seen Superman but I did see an Alien last night while having a Rum drink in the South way south
  3. Anonymous 15/7/09 18:42
    Sen Campbell seemed to blend in rather well with the rest of the professional politicians in Columbia who unfortunately are "of, for and by the special interest!" Vote these bums out in 2010!!
  4. Anonymous 15/7/09 18:42
    Nikki Haley or Larry Grooms for Gov in 2010. THE REFORM CANDIDATES!
  5. Earl Capps 16/7/09 08:54
    1842, there are no state Senate races in 2010.

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