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Sorry it's taken so long to name a winner, but with the unfortunate events involving Nettie Britts, Jenny Sanford (let's face it - she's been treated horribly in recent weeks) and my priest's family all hitting the same time, I felt it best to hold off on announcing a winner.

We had a number of people who named some of the individuals, but the first one to hit the nail exactly on the head as to who they were collectively was Brian Huckabee. Honorable mention is due to David Dangerfield, who just received his MA in History from the College of Charleston last month (with yours truly cheering him on). David's answer came just a little bit after Brian's.

The portrait was of the first African-American members of Congress:

Standing: Robert C. De Large, M.C. (R-SC), Jefferson H. Long, M.C. (R-GA)
Seated: U.S. Sen. Hiram R. Revels (R-MS), Benjamin S. Turner, M.C. (R-AL), Josiah T. Walls, M.C. (R-FL), Joseph H. Rainey, M.C. (R-SC), Robert B. Elliot, M.C. (R-SC).

Brian wins the prize, which is two free hotel nights anywhere in the US (sorry, no trips to Argentina at our expense!). Brian joins these other Blogland contest winners - Rick Beltram, Brian McCarty, and Mike Reino. Congratulations and thanks for tuning in to the Blogland!

Be sure to stay tuned to the Blogland for more fun and prizes from the only blog that is out to buy YOU - our readers - off.

2 Response to "The Blogland's latest winner"

  1. Waldo 9/7/09 07:36
    Do the rest of us get to know?
  2. Earl Capps 9/7/09 07:49
    My mistake - it's fixed!

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