Concerns grow about GOP strategist's trysts with alien species

While it's no secret that many South Carolina politicos have gotten in trouble over romantic involvement with various humans, we've been informed by reliable sources that you won't find Columbia-based GOP strategist Wes Donehue in the arms of another woman. In fact, you might not find him in the arms of a member of any terrestrial species - except for his wife.

According to reports from confidential sources, Donehue's problem isn't a "Strom problem", but rather one involving alien species. Of particular concern are allegations of trysts with
Orions, a race of alien humanoids best known for their greek skin and seductive ways.

Worse yet, we've been told that he's drug his wife into his exotic lifestyle. In an effort to placate his longings to "do something exotic", she has posed as a member of an alien species. Unfortunately, reports are these efforts have fallen short as her body was unable to tolerate ingesting large amounts of Green Food Dye #25, or even green beer on St. Patrick's Day.

While we have been unable to contact Donehue or his wife for comment, we recently spotted Wes in a Columbia park one evening with an individual dressed in a dark suit, who reportedly goes by the name Agent J. He was overheard saying "I never really look at them anymore, but they actually are quite beautiful."

Followed by a very bright flash of light.

2 Response to "Concerns grow about GOP strategist's trysts with alien species"

  1. Mulder 16/7/09 11:14
    So is it true that you saw first officer Riker on Spruill chasing green aliens?
  2. CLT mg 16/7/09 19:57
    nice ear

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