Following the 2009 Tour de France?

I don't know how many Blogland readers are cycling fans like I am, but this year's Tour is the best in years. With the drug scandals of the last two Tours behind and Lance Armstrong coming out of retirement, it's definitely a hell of a show.

Armstrong is a close second behind Astana teammate Alberto Contador. Armstrong came out of retirement, promising to lead his team and support Contador's bid to win this year's Tour. Initially Armstrong's strong performance gave fans reason to suspect he was preparing to seize the crown from Contador, but in later stages, he moved comfortably into second place, not attempting to close the time gap to overtake Contador's first-place standing. But his standing allows him to seize the lead of Contador starts to fall behind.

Armstrong's team has a modest overall lead in the tour as well, with three of its riders in the overall top ten. Today, he put word out that he had secured American-based sponsorship of the team for next year, which would be the first since the Discovery Channel team.

If you're interested in following the Tour, the best coverage online is at

2 Response to "Following the 2009 Tour de France?"

  1. mg 22/7/09 17:21
    I have been following it very close
  2. Anonymous 23/7/09 12:45
    To make it more palatable to the US, is NASCAR taking it over?

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