Goose Creek Governor candidates' forum

On Saturday in Goose Creek, our friends at that Berkeley Republican Breakfast Club are having a gubernatorial candidates' forum, featuring four of the six announced candidates for Governor:

  • Gresham Barrett
  • Larry Grooms
  • Henry McMaster
  • Brent Nelsen

The event will be held at the American Legion at 166 Howe Hall Road, beginning at 9 a.m. As always, breakfast is served for five bucks.

A straw poll will be held following the candidates' presentations. While we expect local Senator Larry Grooms to be a favorite, anything is possible.

To get there from I-26, get off onto US 78 East heading towards Goose Creek and follow the map below. For more information, contact Charles Schuster at 509-6027 or Nancy Corbin at 688-4975.

6 Response to "Goose Creek Governor candidates' forum"

  1. Nancy Corbin 28/7/09 17:42
    Earl, thanks for plugging the Breakfast. I just received a call from Henry McMaster's office and due to a "double booking" he will not be attending Saturday's breakfast. Just wanted to let everyone know. I'm not sure now about Brent Nelsen since I just got a notice that he is going to run for Supt of Education instead of Governor. As far as I know he is still attending.
  2. red stick louisiana mg 28/7/09 20:45
    I was about to say Henry has canceled and Brent is now an
    Education candidate. It will still be nice with Gresham and Larry. Sorry I will be in Georgia and will miss it.
  3. Nancy Corbin 29/7/09 00:14
    Brent Nelson will still be attending and discussing his change to Supt of Education candidate.
  4. Mike Reino 29/7/09 22:57
    Earl, I should be able to finally make one of these. Make sure Charles can get all the Santee Cooper people there, so I can lock up that PSC Board gig. Right...
  5. Mike Reino 29/7/09 23:17
    An additional tidbit.. I read that Kelly Payne will also be there on Saturday. Of course, she hasn't announced anything, but I bet she'll bring some excitement to the event..
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