Guess what? Bush didn't lie

Reports now indicate that the Bush-hating lunatics were wrong - Bush did not invent intelligence information to justify ousting Saddam Hussein. Evidence now shows the late dictator admitted to engaging in a massive bluff about having restarted his weapons of mass destruction program, afraid that vengenace from his neighbors was more of a threat than being found not in compliance with the terms of the cease-fire agreement from the 1991 war:

Unclassified FBI interviews conducted during his incarceration at a U.S. detention center offered new details Thursday about the late Iraqi dictator's life on the run — both before and after he was ousted.

The documents also confirm previous reports that Saddam falsely allowed the world to believe Iraq had weapons of mass destruction — the main U.S. rationale behind the war — because he feared revealing his weakness to Iran, the hostile neighbor he considered a bigger threat than the U.S.

... but for those losers who kept harping on the "Bush lied" line - it never really was about the war. If it was, we'd see them raging mad about Obama's about-face over withdrawing troops from Iraq and closing the Guantanamo Bay detention facility.

But they're not, which shows them for the gutless hypocrites they really are.

4 Response to "Guess what? Bush didn't lie"

  1. mg 2/7/09 17:11
    Bush is GREAT
  2. Earl Capps 2/7/09 17:19
    I don't know if I'd go THAT far, but I certainly would say that the late Hussein may have been in a no-win situation.

    Perhaps he should have cut a deal with the US to hand over power to a democratic transition process, with international protection for his nation while he went into aslylum elsewhere? I'm sure it's something that would have been considered to have avoided the whole mess.
  3. Anonymous 2/7/09 19:33
    Why the question mark after "Guess what" ?
    sorry, that drives me nuts. good post, though. couldn't agree more.

    And guess where you WON'T read this...
  4. Anonymous 6/7/09 08:17
    Let me see, we brought 500 Tons of yelowcake uranium that according to Mr. Valerie Plame (ex-ambassador Joe Wilson) did not exist, into the US for safekeeping... I have to question when Wilson's Contempt of Congress will be prosecuted as was Scooter Libby for "compromising a deep cover CIA operative", though a State Department wonk later admitted guilt (but in a Nixonian sense, accepted none of the blame).

    You may recall that the actual lie was perpetrated to the benefit of the Kerry campaign, but that is a liar of a more azure hue.

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