High school reunion time

A while back, I'd run across - and discussed - news of a 20th reunion of my high school class - the 1989 graduation class from James Island High School. Had my life gone according to plan, this is the bunch of friends and others I'd have shared four years of my life with before graduating and going off to college.

But as I've shared with my readers, my life didn't go that way - and it was a life much more difficult than it would otherwise have been.

In recent years, as I climbed the education and career ladder, I felt like I was getting my life back to the path it was supposed to be on. I returned to my old high school sport - cycling - last fall (the 7-10 hours a week of riding pale in comparison to the time I used to log back in high school), I reconnected with some old friends from school days and began to slip back into the rambling brainy-geeky mode that I used to be in back in those days.

I even bought another pair of checkerboard Vans shoes.

When I read about the high school reunion, I considered it, but I figured since I didn't graduate, I wouldn't be allowed to attend. After some prodding from an old high school acquaintance and fellow blogger, I decided that I would see if I could get into the upcoming event. For me, it presented an opportunity to connect with some old friends and tie up some loose ends from where my teenage life went astray.

Sallie Baldwin Spangenberg, the lead organizer of the event, graciously allowed me to attend the event - so that's where I'll be this weekend, and I'm looking forward to it! I'll report back on how things went.

Here's to hoping the rest of y'all have a great weekend!

6 Response to "High school reunion time"

  1. Anonymous 10/7/09 18:42
    Earl--hope you have a great time. But seriously you in checker board Vans? Some how you and Sean Penn in the same fashion statement just seems weird...teg
  2. paul Adams 10/7/09 23:39
    just don't be all grosse point blank. have a good time.
  3. Anonymous 12/7/09 03:54
    Avoid the nutcases.
  4. mg 12/7/09 14:28
    drink beer
  5. Earl Capps 12/7/09 15:38
    Don't worry, I drank a lot of it, and nothing you, or Mike, Tommy or anyone else could do was gonna stop me.
  6. mg 13/7/09 20:25
    that said how was it

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