Highway work zone safety

As my company's I-26 project continues, so do the hazards to which our employees are being exposed. Those who read Saturday's edition of the Charleston Post and Courier might have read the latest front page story about the ongoing problem which included yours truly:

Construction workers are being injured, and authorities are turning to the public, once again, and asking them to think about what they are doing when they travel through the work area.

If Earl Capps could write the manual for driving in a highway construction zone, it would all come down to three words.

"Be considerate, thoughtful and cautious," he said.

That simple advice works with the vast majority of drivers who are responsible and make efforts to be cautious when traveling through construction work zones. However, there are those drivers who just don't get it. Those drivers who don't want to drive safely and obey the posted speed limits get to meet the troopers who've been assigned to patrol the work zone. Those troopers work long hours and in some dangerous conditions. Having watched these troopers work on a lot of nights, I can't say enough about them.

But since the problem doesn't seem to go away, it's obvious that more help is needed - but in the current budget situation, more help won't be coming.

However there are legislators who have offered to help find ways to fund more troopers for work zones around the state without putting the cost on taxpayers. Expect more discussion on this subject in the upcoming months ...

3 Response to "Highway work zone safety"

  1. west_rhino 27/7/09 11:16
    "Be considerate, thoughtful and cautious," is five words, but it is the Post Courier's reporting.

    Reckon dusting off some of the old "Highways or Dieways" spots might perk up awareness?
  2. paul Adams 27/7/09 20:33
    i think you are doing a great job trying to keep the public informed. One suggestion though, mention your website twice in your interviews. then you totally control your message.
  3. Ascension Parish La mg 27/7/09 20:36
    Keep up the fight Earl

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