Judge Durden fights creepy monsters

We're not sure what Richland County Representative Jim Harrison was smoking, but we're thankful that Administrative Law Judge Deborah Durden (who we've featured in the Blogland) could see the obvious when she ruled that a funeral home that cut up bodies should remain closed:

A South Carolina judge Tuesday revoked the license of a funeral home where a worker cut the legs off a 6-foot-7 body so it would fit in a casket.

Administrative Law Judge Deborah Durden gave her decision immediately after hearing the appeal of Cave Funeral Home and owner Michael Cave.

The ruling may be the end the family business founded in Allendale 49 years ago. Cave's lawyer said his client would wait for the written ruling before deciding whether to appeal and the family is also considering selling the funeral home.

The state Funeral Board ordered the home shut down last month after Cave admitted his father, Charles Cave, used an electric saw to sever James Hines' legs at the calf because he wouldn't fit in the casket. The elder Cave does not have the license needed to embalm a body, but helped with tasks around the home like dressing and cleaning bodies, his son told the board.

Michael Cave said he should be allowed to keep his license because he wasn't in the room when the legs were cut and had no idea what his father was about do. He also said there were no other blemishes on his 26-year record in the funeral business.

"It was a terrible act," said Cave's attorney, Rep. Jim Harrison, R-Columbia. "But these aren't terrible people."

We understand that the accused have a right to counsel and representation, but anyone who says that cutting up someone's father and husband to keep the costs of a funeral doesn't make someone a terrible person has to be smoking some pretty strong stuff. A crime like this gives us the creeps.

Our congrats to Judge Durden for a job well done and shame on the now-closed funeral home.

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  1. Looking at the Caribbean Sea mg 15/7/09 17:03
    Would really like to comment on this but will keep it to myself.
  2. Anonymous 17/7/09 19:25
    Sounds like a bit of a Chicago cemetary down here in ole' SC...teg

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