Lowcountry legislator caught in life of parties and children

The final installation of the Blogland's latest tale of scandal and lives gone wrong takes a look at the not so well known life of a Lowcountry legislator who, having gotten her kids grown up and out the house, led a life based on parties and children.

While it's rumored that some legislators adopt wilder lifestyles only after they get to Columbia, we have it on good authority that Beaufort Representative Shannon Erickson has lived this way for years. In fact, our investigations have shown that Erickson even drags her husband into some of her activities.

Sounds shocking, doesn't it?

This may sound like Michael Jackson, whose lifestyle showed us that children and parties really shouldn't mix, Erickson's out-of-Columbia life, to quote the J. Geils Band, "ain't no never-never land". Her concern for early childhood education began in the classroom as a teacher and grew as she entered the child care business.

Not only is she all about children, she is a gracious host who enjoys putting on parties at her way-cool waterfront home in Beaufort. She hosts parties and gatherings for friends, families, and recently, a Medal of Honor recipient.

While there are a lot of people in Columbia who don't have a lot of class, Representative Erickson is all about class. She's a great neighbor for her community, a good friend of the Blogland and a wonderful addition to the State House.

The only thing truly shocking about her is that good people like her not only exist at the State House - they thrive. For which we're truly grateful.

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