Me and my high school reunion

A number of individuals of you have bugged me to talk about how my high school reunion went last weekend, so since y'all are so darn curious, I'll tell you ...

Perhaps I'd have given a recap sooner, but I spent a lot of the last week doing a flurry of media coordination, nailing down as much earned media time as possible to publicize my company's pending closure of Remount Road where it crosses over I-26. Three TV interviews, two newspaper interviews, a news radio call-in, meeting with stakeholders, and so on ...

With that done and having had some time to sort some thoughts out, I will say it was one of the best weekends of my life! It was great to see how everyone turned out - and heartening to see that they all seemed to have done pretty well for themselves. It was good to reconnect with some friends, get to meet people I'd not really known back then and re-start on a positive note with others.

After the Saturday night social was winding down, a group of us, mostly friends from back then gathered in one of their rooms upstairs. It seemed a lot like what we'd have been doing back in high school ... except the hotel was a nicer, the booze was better quality ... and this time, we were all legal to be drinking.

In talking with some of them, I found a fellow James Islander who is also a big fan of South Carolina's coolest legislative freshman - Shannon Erickson!

So to my friends, I'll say thank you for a great time ... Angie, Alexia, Cynthia, Elaine, Jack, Jennifer, Julie (and her husband Tom), Kelly, Lance, Regina, Richardean, Risha, Sallie, Susie (and her husband Rory), Tiffany, TJ, and Worthy (and his wife Michelle) ... and thank all of you for forgiving me for my wilder and wierder days and not running away from me on sight!

Of course, much credit is owed to Sallie Baldwin Spangenberg, who planned and coordinated the event from her home in the DC area while pregnant and moving to Indiana. Talk about James Island Trojans Spirit!

Also, I have to thank Jennifer for talking me into attending. As I hadn't finished high school, I wasn't sure if I'd be welcome to attend. If she hadn't nudged me to have a little faith, the weekend wouldn't have happened - and I didn't even have to pick up her bar tab! What a bargain!

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  1. Anonymous 20/7/09 06:46
    Glad you had a great time Earl. It will be 4 years before our 20 yr. at the Ol' JI. I hope when and if we have our 20, I'll have as much fun as you seemed to have had. And remember you can't bust our Trojans! Go James Isand!

    Kevin Condon
    Class of '93
  2. June Brailsford 20/7/09 16:35
    Earl, I'm so glad you enjoyed your reunion. I have been to quite a few and found new (old) friends all over again. My high school class meets every five years now, (we're not getting any younger), and I always have a ball. I hope you continue to go whenever possible.
    Also, I really like your new picture.
    Come up our way when you have some time.
  3. mg 20/7/09 17:34
    Sounds like you had a great time. June wants you to come up for the BBQ and Beer she owes you.

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