Midlands GOP leader caught in questionable computer activities

When the Blogland went sniffing around for the lowdown on reports that Richland County YRs leader Nettie Britts was heavily involved in what could be described as computer ... "activities" ... we found some things to be concerned about.

In fact, reports are that Britts is laying low this summer and in recent weeks, she has been ducking our inquires about what she's been doing. We don't know about what you might think, but this sounds like a cover-up to us.

A computer major at USC, Britts has clearly been involved with computers in a major way, which can only mean one thing. She may blog about computer classes at college, but we're not fooled. There's something more going on here.

We're not going to go into details - our readers are smart people, they can figure this one out for themselves.

2 Response to "Midlands GOP leader caught in questionable computer activities"

  1. The Right Side of the Web 16/7/09 08:49
    Very Questionable.. in fact sometimes when I read her activities.. I ask her a question or two...You know what I am talking about
  2. west_rhino 17/7/09 10:58
    And for a single young lady to have links to so many male legislators on her social networking sites... what else IS going on here?

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