A recommended Upstate Equestrian Facility

For those Blogland readers in the Upstate and Midlands who are into horses and need a riding or boarding facility, we have a recommendation we'd like to make. Kelly Rodriguez is a trusted friend in the Laurens area -has a great facility at the Trinity Equestrian Center that we'd recommend to our readers.

Kelly went to middle and high school with yours truly and even back then had a passion for horses. It's always great to see someone being able to live what they enjoy, and if horses are your thing, you can rest assured riding and caring for horses is a passion of her as well.

Whether you're looking for somewhere for your horse needs we recommend you give her a ring at 864-901-2908 or email her at info@trinityequestriancenter.com. Even if you aren't actively looking, it wouldn't hurt to comparison shop - you might find her facility a better deal than your current one!

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