Unmasked in the Blogland: Parties, women, jealousy and more in state politics

In the wake of revelations over Governor Sanford's affair (not alleged, he admitted it - more than we'd ever want to know), there's been some discussion that stories were going to be told about other state political figures.

For a while, we figured that dragging out the mud wasn't going to solve anything. In fact, we were concerned that such revelations might make South Carolinians even more cynical about state government (how much more cynical can they get?). But then we decided that perhaps we'd share some stories with our readers.

Tomorrow morning, we're going to kick off a series which will tell you several stories about South Carolinians. We're pretty sure you may find these stories hard to believe, maybe shocking, and definitely amusing - but you'll definitely know it's the kind of information you'd only find here in the Blogland.

Stay tuned.

2 Response to "Unmasked in the Blogland: Parties, women, jealousy and more in state politics"

  1. Anonymous 13/7/09 18:52
    Russell - Risher is juuuussst the tip of the iceberg...
  2. mg 13/7/09 20:22
    i will be in south america waiting to hear this

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