Upstate legislator caught in out-of-state love affair

It would seem as if Governor Sanford is not the only Columbia politico battling reports of an exotic out-of-state love affair.

According to reports we're received, York County Representative Gullick has been enjoying a little out-of-state fun of his own. Our sources indicated to us that he's taken several trips out of state in recent months, and has planned even more.

Gullick, having been caught in this relationship, is now planning to give up his House seat over the situation. Reportedly the woman, who has been identified by numerous sources as "Lynn", is allegedly a successful doctor and healthcare executive.

When we contacted Gullick, who was about to head out of state for yet another meeting with this out-of-state woman, he confirmed these reports and bragged about her in considerable detail, concluding the interview with:

Yes, I'm going out of state to meet her again, but she's my wife, dammit. What's Sanford's excuse?

2 Response to "Upstate legislator caught in out-of-state love affair"

  1. Well Willie 15/7/09 00:52
    You will pay for this.
  2. A 15/7/09 17:57
    I think there have been a few too many evenings watching Stewart. You are too funny.

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