Captain Daniel O'Callaghan - a hero of 9/11

Eight years ago, the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001 probably seemed like just the beginning of another day for Captain Daniel O'Callaghan of the New York City Fire Department. With eighteen years' service as a firefighter, and three as a NYPD officer, perhaps it was his committment to his job that led him to be at the station on his day off.

True to their fire station's slogan "The Pride of Manhattan - Never Missed a Performance", the fifteen firefighters of Ladder Unit 4, led by O'Callaghan, which normally answered calls in a service area that included much of Broadway, rushed to take part in what would become the greatest performance of their lives.

None of them would return alive.

When other firefighters arrived at the station, they found cups of coffee still warm, and O'Callghan's shaving cream and clothes still in the bathroom from where he was changing and rushed out to respond to the call.

His committment to his faith was as certain to his committment to his duty on that day. When his body was recovered,
he was found to be still holding his Rosary, presumably in prayer for protection and courage in doing his duty on that terrible day.

True to their station's motto, O'Callaghan and his men never missed a performance. On the morning of September 11, 2001, Captain Daniel O'Callaghan and the men of Ladder Four became more than just the Pride of Manhattan - they became the pride of us all.

Please also remember his wife Rhonda, and his two children, Rhiannon and Connor, who were among many who lost a friend and loved one that day.

May the memories of O'Callaghan and the firefighers of Ladder Four be eternal.

10 Response to "Captain Daniel O'Callaghan - a hero of 9/11"

  1. R. Brian McCarty 11/9/09 06:52
    God Bless this hero. Thanks for the story, Earl.
  2. practicalrose 11/9/09 07:11
    Peace to Daniel and all the brave men of ladder four. And blessings to Rhonda, Rhiannon and Conner.
    Rose O'Callaghan Glens Falls, NY
  3. Barbara 11/9/09 11:42
    Not a day passes that I do not think of Danny and all the other victims. May God continue to bless and watch over all those affected by the 9/11 terror attack.

    Barbara Keller Cavalli
  4. Roseanne McNulty 11/9/09 17:20
    God Bless Danny and all who were lost on this fateful day. May God continue to watch over Rhonda,Rhiannon Rose and Conor. Roseanne Mcnulty, Lake Worth, Florida
  5. mg 11/9/09 17:33
    Earl nice piece. My meeting last night in Clarendon was themed for 911. What I remember maybe not the most but certainly a lot was the next day when morning broke all the tweeters going off around the World Trade Center. These are devices that the Firemen wear to locate them. Hundreds were going off but no survivors to be found. They eventually ran out of power and became silent. Lets hope that we as a nation never become silent about this terrible day that took 2983 lives.
  6. Gregory 11/9/09 18:14
    Thank you for telling the story. Every year I try to read these stories, Danny's in particular but not exclusively. Three thousand more, just like him, doing their jobs, living their lives. Eight years is a long time, but that day remains just as horribly vivid, and I imagine it always will. I hope with all my heart that they are in a better place today, and that those who did this to them are in a terrible place, suffering for all eternity.

    Greg Cavalli
  7. Anonymous 11/9/09 19:02
    earl rocks
  8. Anonymous 12/9/09 23:26
    Earl--we need to remember that all gave some but some gave all that day...teg
  9. Bob McNamara 11/9/10 14:10
    God Bless Fireman Dan.
  10. Anonymous 3/9/19 18:12
    Was with me and my dad (whom he grew up with) when I attended my first professional baseball game. Was around the house often...

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