Jim Rex & Your Tax Dollars at Work

Current State Education Superintendent and gubernatorial aspirant Democrat Jim Rex gave us a great example of our tax dollars at work when he announced his candidacy - using his state email account:

-----Original Message-----
From: Jim Rex [mailto:JRex@ed.sc.gov]
Sent: Monday, September 14, 2009 11:07 PM
Subject: My decision

Dear Colleagues:

Just a few moments ago in an interview on WIS-TV Nightcast in Columbia, I announced my plans to run for Governor. Tomorrow, I will embark on a statewide tour to officially announce my candidacy. As employees at the SC Department of Education, I want you to be among the first to know about my decision and why I have made it.

The rest of the email was deleted to save our readers the effort of wading through his rather long-winded message, as well as not disclose the identities of the hundreds of state employees who this email was sent to. But it's not the first time the State Department of Ed has been using staff and other resources for political purposes during Rex's tenure. Since Rex' employee and 2006 campaign manager Zeke Stokes got busted for broadcasting emails to state employees, we're not surprised to see Rex following his advisor's unethical practices.

Ok, Jim - we know about your decision and why you made it. So tell us why you had to use state resources to tell us about it?

3 Response to "Jim Rex & Your Tax Dollars at Work"

  1. Anonymous 15/9/09 16:37
    Great way to start off a campaign - illegal use of state resources!

    Taking your word that the email was campaing oriented - not just a notice, come on -dish man!!!

    Serioulsy, great job airing this, Earl - haven't heard about it from any other source... is there a cover-up to boot?
  2. Anonymous 15/9/09 22:42
    Eat shit, lying asshole
  3. west_rhino 18/9/09 09:52
    Anon 2242, I understand you don't like Jim Rex, but that's no reason to blame the flatus that our MSM claims to be verbage on his diet...

    Earl, good catch, where's Senator David Smith on this ethics issue?

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