Halloween and the Occult - Watch this video

3 Response to "Halloween and the Occult - Watch this video"

  1. R. Brian McCarty 30/10/09 09:27
    Well, uh huh, Thank God Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
  2. Anonymous 30/10/09 10:53
    I'm guessing that Chris Matthews was sitting this panel out, having discovered that McCain and both Bushes are not illegal aliens from Hell...
  3. Anonymous 24/10/10 10:47
    its amazing to me as to the blindness of people, but this is exaactly what the occultist want you to be BLIND.. having been on the dark side at one time, I know both side and all the stuff that some deem as fake and phoney are as real as real can be... Just know that weather you agree or dont agree the truth is the truth.. Halloween is not a hoiday I want to nor do I celebrate or dress my kids up t be ghosts vampires or evil things its wrong for our kids it brings fear while showing them tons of candy.. talk about getting desensitized Lord help us....

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