Rep. Erickson calls on legislators to forgo pay for legislative session

Representative Erickson has always been one of our favorites for a lot of reasons, but most importantly for her ability to keep her feet on the ground and never forget that even in the world of Columbia politics, nobody is above good common sense.

We received a copy of an email she sent out tonight, calling upon her fellow legislators to join her in forgoing their pay for this week's special session, and telling them how they can do this:

Dear Fellow House Members,

During our “special session” this week, we are entitled to subsistence reimbursement ($132/day) and one roundtrip mileage reimbursement from our home to the State House. When I communicated with many of my constituents about the issue at hand last week, I also stated shared with them that I would elect to not receive any extra funds for being in Columbia.

Given the dire straits our budget has and continues to be in, I ask that you consider waiving your reimbursement for subsistence and/or mileage also.

Very simply, we have the ability to waive those reimbursements and to save the SC taxpayers’ hard-earned funds, just by asking.

There is no way to introduce any legislation or resolution to prevent other members from getting their subsistence or mileage reimbursement, it must be a personal choice.

Each member has a constitutional right to this reimbursement, however, each member may individually notify Mr. Charles Reid, Clerk of the House, if they wish to waive subsistence and mileage.

You can email him or he will have a document at his desk in the chamber that members may initial to inform him that they wish to waive subsistence or mileage.

Thanks for your consideration,


Representative Shannon S. Erickson
SC House District 124 – Beaufort

The Blogland commends Representative Erickson for taking this step. We're glad she remembers that in this tough time, our government officials should be ready to tighten their belts as much as they ask the taxpayers and state employees to do.

This is yet another example of why her constituents are well-served by her. We hope this kind of common-sense leadership is remembered next year, when they have an opportunity to give her another term in the House.

16 Response to "Rep. Erickson calls on legislators to forgo pay for legislative session"

  1. Mike Reino 26/10/09 13:52
    $132 a day sounds like a lot of subsistence for SC... Do they have any wage garnishment for bloggers who do terrible NY accent imitations?
  2. mg 26/10/09 17:44
    Well said Mike
  3. Anonymous 27/10/09 06:52
    Earl, you and mike and mg are all suck-ass losers. They should pay us to get rid of you
  4. Anonymous 28/10/09 08:59
    Now Earl we all know Erickson is paying you. You were fair and honest at one point in your blogging what happened to you.

    Here is the point if she were so conservative with our money why did she take the State plane costing the tax payers thousand of dollars to go on a trip that she could have used her own car and driven not costing the tax payers anything. The drive was only four hours. Tell her to pay "us" back for her drunken junket. And now you are holding her up as a hero? That is funny!!! Lets see if you will hold her accountable and lets see if she pays us back. If you do and she does they we will do what you say "We hope this kind of common-sense leadership is remembered next year, when they have an opportunity to give her another term in the House." But if not then we should remember by kicking her out!!!!
  5. Earl Capps 28/10/09 09:07
    8:59, I find it pretty funny that someone without the guts to put his/her name to what they wrote has the nerve to question my integrity.

    I'd respond, but my shrink tells me I can't keep talking to imaginary people.
  6. Anonymous 28/10/09 09:26
    Very interesting. I must have hit a nerve. Do you post that silly comment every time someone post Anonymous or do you just reserve the right when you are trying to redirect readers from the truth. If you don't like Anonymous postings then take the ability off your sight. Your are being very transparent.
  7. Anonymous 28/10/09 09:27
    Earl, the only problem that person has with you is that they probably hate Erickson. When you were doing something he or she liked, you probably a righteous dude in their book. Probably Ceips or Bates.
  8. Earl Capps 28/10/09 09:32
    Actually, you hit my funny bone.

    I allow anyone to comment, but generally reserve responding to serious questions from serious people. Sometimes the more cowardly comments provide some real entertainment for my readers.

    If you don't like it, then either man up and put your name to your comments or change the channel.
  9. Anonymous 28/10/09 09:42
    How many real names do you get besides yours?? I look at your sight some and I don't know when I have ever seen any real names. So again your comments are off base. You are still trying to redirect away from the real truth Erickson should pay us back for the plane trip that was not necessary.
  10. Anonymous 28/10/09 09:53
    Who the heck are "Ceips & Bates"????
  11. Richard Walker 28/10/09 11:49
    As a resident of District 124, I'm proud to have Shannon as my representative. I know all about the trip and have no problem. Businesses send their employees by plane all the time, and when you consider Shannon gets paid a paltry $12,000 a year for her work, I think it's fair.

    Whoever criticized her for that probably has never held any serious position in a real company, or they'd not have a problem with this. Especially after all the airplane trips Governor Sanford took.


    As for Ceips and Bates, that's former Senator Catherine Ceips and former House candidate Randy Bates, who Erickson beat.
  12. Richard Walker 28/10/09 11:50
    By the way, you say nobody posts by their real names, then who am I and who is Mike Reino?
  13. Anonymous 29/10/09 16:21

    If that is your real name. You do not live in Erickson's house seat. So you will know here are the people that are your Senators and House Members both Federal and State.

    Legislator Search
    separator line

    Results for 29906-9454

    U.S. Senators
    Senior - U.S. Senator Lindsey O. Graham
    Junior - U.S. Senator Jim W. DeMint

    U.S. House
    District 2 - U.S. Representative Addison "Joe" Graves Wilson

    Your South Carolina State Senator is
    SC Senate District 45 - Senator Clementa C. Pinckney

    Your South Carolina State Representative is
    SC House District 121 - Representative Kenneth F. Hodges
  14. Anonymous 30/10/09 00:26
    Hmmmmm....someone likes to 1. show off their computer skills and 2. show how little other important things they have to do in their lives that they will take time to "research" other people's elected officials.

    Sorry to disappoint, sporto, but I live in a 29906 zip & Shannon Erickson is my rep - the area is majorly cut up & fractured. Some places literally have one side of the road Erickson & the other Hodges, then another area will be some Erickson, some Herbkernsman...
  15. Pat Miller 30/10/09 00:31
    Randy, is that you sneaking around? I heard W got you kicked out. Well, it's not like its the first time you got your ass booted in Beaufort. First by the voters, then by W. Now youre sneaking around taking cheap shots at Earl and Shannon when you should be looking for a real job. It takes a real big man to take shots at people without having the balls to put his name to his words, but that is what you are best known for.
  16. Beaufort Jim 30/10/09 05:07
    Careful there, someone seems to know where you live. We should all be really scared. LOL

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