Transparency - from South Carolina to Michigan

As more proof that Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom was onto something really big with his transparency initiative, we've been informed that the Republican legislative caucuses in both the Michigan House and Senate have inquired with him about his transparency efforts, apparently with the intent of pushing such efforts in their own state.

Being one of those rare blogger sites who like to rely upon real sources we can name, we talked with RJ. Shealy, Eckstrom's spokesman, who confirmed this was true:

Representatives from both the House and Senate Republican caucuses called our office, both saying they wanted to emulate the efforts that we made here in South Carolina. They had apparently read reports where Richard said it could be done for far less effort than previously thought, which is interesting because they said they were running up against the same things Richard ran into here, with critics saying it would be too expensive and take too much time and effort to put together.

We're excited to see others seeing the value of this initiative, including those who are willing to cross partisan and even state lines, and will do all we can to help them with their efforts.

Such developments like this offer more proof that Eckstrom has earned another term in office.

4 Response to "Transparency - from South Carolina to Michigan"

  1. Anonymous 28/10/09 12:54
    This is a feather in our cap. SC can be proud we are a leader, at least in one area.
  2. Anonymous 28/10/09 18:09
    a tip of the hat to Richard Eckstrom. gov't is becoming more transparent.
  3. Anonymous 28/10/09 23:46
    Did we pay Eckstrom to drive to Michigan?
  4. Anonymous 2/11/09 15:36
    Oooohhh. . . so that's why he took his state-owned van all the way to Michigan. . . not for a family vacation, but to deliver his "transparency" message. Sorry Dick, seems South Carolina owes you an apology and a refund of the cash you paid to reimburse us for use of the van.

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