... and the horse this guy rode in on.

Since last week's decision by Boeing to put their 787 production line in South Carolina, there has been a lot of finger-pointing in Seattle about who to blame. From the media coverage, we've skimmed, the wrath has been fixed on three targets:

  • The refusal of labor unions to negotiate
  • Boeing's management being "disloyal" to Seattle
  • Cheap, lazy and inferior South Carolina labor
Yesterday, FITSNews shared with us this cartoon penned by David Horsey of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Note the inclusion of controversial images, such as the Rebel flag, moonshine still, and a noose.

We're a little surprised he didn't throw in a burning cross and a KKK gnome while he was at it.

This cartoon embodies the sour grapes mindset which many on the left coast have taken towards Boeing's wise choice. In the interests of building a stronger relationship between Boeing management and South Carolina, the Blogland wouldn't mind if Seattle's circular firing squad keeps up the good work.

We invite our readers to
email Mr. Horsey and ask him what he was thinking.

... or to tell him "... yeah, and the horse you rode in on".

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  1. Anonymous 6/11/09 12:16
    Earl--given that the Seattle Supersonics left for Oklahoma City, the Seattle Mariners have had on again,off again talks to move (maybe to Charlotte) and the Seahawks have threatened to pull up and move to Los Angles I just have one thought on Washington state's whining...will the last person leaving Washington please turn out the lights?...teg

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