Contractors endorse Barrett - or did they?

Working in the construction industry, I received a lot of calls today wanting my take on the endorsement of Gresham Barrett's gubernatorial campaign by the Associated Builders & Contractors of the Carolinas. They wanted to know why the construction industry has chosen sides, and done so this early in the campaign.

My response: "Their endorsement doesn't mean what you think".

This organization is one of several organizations representing organizations and individuals who work in the construction industry. The largest organization is the Carolinas chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), and the American Subcontractors Association Carolinas' chapter (ASAC) is a group with a wide range of contractor membership, mostly from smaller general and specialty contractors.

While ABC of SC is a legitimate organization, by no means do they speak as the single voice of the construction industry in South Carolina. Hence their endorsement should not be considered as Barrett locking up the support of the construction industry.

In the construction industry, we have a lot of issues we're concerned about, including legislative issues such as tort and workers' comp reform, regulatory reform, underground utilities, and taxes. Regardless of the endorsement of ABC of SC, many of us are undecided in this race, and we encourage the candidates for Governor to continue discussing these issues with us.

3 Response to "Contractors endorse Barrett - or did they?"

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  2. Calhoun Fawls 19/11/09 06:14
    I see one of Barrett's Anderson supporters has commented.

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  3. Anonymous 19/11/09 10:37
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