Dumb enough to call Brackett's bluff

Back in August, the Blogland reported on an experimental approach taken towards first-time and youthful suspected drug dealers in Rock Hill and talked with Solicitor Kevin Brackett about it.

In this experiment, eight suspects were confronted by community leaders and challenged to get a job or an education, as well as offered assistance.

Then they went into the next room, where they were presented with some of the evidence gathered against them, and told if they stayed out of trouble and accepted the challenge from the community leaders, they would not be prosecuted. But if they rejected that offer by getting in trouble again, Brackett promised us they would face him personally - and that the August charges would be reinstated as well.

Of the eight, most of them have opted to fly right, but
Donquavis McConnell chose otherwise, being arrested last month after running from police and being in possession of crack.

In keeping their promises, Brackett has said that he will be prosecuting his case personally - including the charges from August - and Rock Hill police have asked that the case be fast-tracked.

Our hats are off to Brackett and Rock Hill Police for keeping their word, as well as for working hard to clean up one of the toughest neighborhoods in York County.

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