First District GOP candidates to face each other on Saturday in Goose Creek

Looks like the Berkeley Republican Breakfast club will feature the first head-to-head match of the 1st District GOP congressional candidates on Saturday. Folks, we're not missing this one. It's gonna be a heck of a show!

The Berkeley Republican Breakfast Club will host Republican candidates for the First Congressional District at our November 7th breakfast meeting. Congressman Henry Brown and Carroll Campbell III have confirmed their attendance and Katherine Jenerett is working her schedule. Each candidate will be given five minutes to speak and then questions will be taken from the floor. In addition any other Republican candidate in attendance for office in Berkeley County is always given two minutes to speak prior to our keynote program. Come and question the candidates about issues important to you.

The Berkeley Republican Breakfast meets at 9:00 am the first Saturday of each month at American Legion Post 166, 116 Howe Hall Road, Goose Creek. A great $5 breakfast is served. No membership is required and the public is always welcome to attend.

For more information contact Charles Schuster 509-6027 or Nancy Corbin 688-4975.

2 Response to "First District GOP candidates to face each other on Saturday in Goose Creek"

  1. Nancy Corbin 5/11/09 08:48
    We got word yesterday that Congressman Brown will be sending a representative if the House is still in session. Maybe today's "House Calls" will send them home early.
  2. Anonymous 6/11/09 12:19
    Sounds like ole' Henry is trying to avoid being upstaged...

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