Red Dawn remake coming out next year?

Work has started on a remake of the 1984 classic "Red Dawn", which will be released late next year. This remake will replace the forces of the now-dissolved Soviet empire with Chinese forces.

In light of their growing ownership of American debt, such forceful measures may not be necessary.

Remembering how stark and chilling the original movie was, it's hard to imagine how they'll top the original for hard-hitting effect. It was hard to beat the shock of opening with a massacre at a high school, and following a group of teenagers who were forced to take flight in the midst of a Soviet invasion, coming out of hiding to fight back in the town and surrounding countryside where they were raised.

While some argued it was an intensely political production which supported militant anti-communist points of view and glamorized war, I saw nothing glamorous about watching a group of teens hiding in the mountains, cold, half-starving, on the run, losing their families, while fighting a losing war of attrition - not because they wanted to, but rather because fighting and dying was preferable to simply dying in captivity.

The original movie was dramatic, powerful, but there was nothing cheerful about a movie which told a tale of the price to be paid by those caught in the middle of war. Everyone in the movie lost dearly - families, homes, friends, and even their own lives. Watching Jed Eckart cry in private at losing his friends, and the Nicaraguan captain stare at his weapon, disgusted at having turned from an noble insurgent to an occupier, showed moments where war forced them to become the very things they hated.

It'll be interesting to see if the remake can touch those deep emotions which made the first one so powerful, or it will simply be an over-produced special effects remake in which flash overcomes substance.

To follow the movie's progress, you can follow this fan site: RedDawn2010

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  1. west_rhino 30/11/09 09:30
    Let me see, the Wally world President from the land of paunch manure flowing into the Mississippi's tributaries and a number of his owners/controllers seem to have sold out the made in America tm for rolling price back on the shoulders of Chinese prison labour... and they seem to stay bought. They smiled while apparently selling our space technology and smmothed over overt and covert ops run the US as, it seems defence and technology secrets flowed to Bejing and now we finde their successors morgaging the farm to Bejing.

    Any wonder the US doesn't appear in the Revelation, Isiah or Daniel?
  2. Calhoun Fawls 1/12/09 03:18
    How does the war start with China? Do we miss a debt payment?
  3. west_rhino 1/12/09 10:01
    I suspect Bejing feels cocky enough and moves on the Republic of China, forcing an Obama that has decided he has to look really butch into sacrificing two carrier battle groups to his own ego and arrogance. Moscow and Putin, if not in cahoots, have a massive case of dysentery and try to look innocent and meanwhile back at the ranch, Iran discovers the folly of a pre-emptive strike.

    The US then discovers that COSCO shipping containers crossing NAFTA deregualted borders mean China doesn't need sophisticated missiles.

    Mike Burleson might add some bits to this, but I'd not put it past Bejing to have some of this in the playbook, next to the Wildcat formation
  4. Anonymous 9/4/10 20:19
    they made the movie down muy street so ohhh yahoo awseome i got pics tooo

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