Remount Road & Interstate 26 to re-open for business

Later this morning, the Remount Road interchange with Interstate 26 in North Charleston will re-open after a four-month closure.

Less than 24 hours before the re-opening, Father Titus Fulcher - my priest - and our cantors came out to bless the new overpass, offering prayers for the safety of our workers and motorists, as well as the successful completion of re-opening operations.

Given the continuing difficulties in addressing work zone safety and all the efforts that have been made to improve safety for our workers and motorists alike, it can't hurt to get a few additional prayers to help.

4 Response to "Remount Road & Interstate 26 to re-open for business"

  1. west_rhino 23/11/09 10:37
    Geez, no ACLU protest of this act of free speech... astonishing!

    Not that Titus would give a whit what the ACLU's 'tude would be.
  2. chucker 23/11/09 12:16
    Last night I came up Remount to Rivers, prepared to turn left for the detour....but saw the barricades were gone and I cruised up and over. Nice!

    Thanks to all concerned. Be safe.
  3. chucker 23/11/09 12:18
    Last night I drove up Remount to Rivers and prepared to turn left on the detour.

    The barricades were gone and I went ahead and cruised over the new overpass. Nice!

    Thanks to all who made it possiblle. Stay safe.
  4. Earl Capps 23/11/09 12:30
    Chucker, if you'd signed up for our project email or Twitter lists, you'd have gotten the news Sunday morning that it was open.

    Just go to ...

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