Representative Anne Hutto and Work Zone Safety

On the way to class tonight, yours truly was traveling though my company's I-26 work zone.

This work zone, with a posted speed limit of 55, is a place where my company has had our vehicles, safety devices, signs, and even one worker hit by out-of-control cars where speed and/or alcohol was often found to be a contributing factor.

Tonight's work zone safety star was on I-26 Eastbound, at about 5.15pm, wasn't hard to spot. She passed me like a bat out of hell just before the Aviation Avenue interchange, going at speeds far in excess of the approximately 55-58 that I was driving, swerving from lane to lane to get around cars.

Tonight's work zone safety star was driving a burgundy Volvo SUV with a legislator tag numbered 111, and the driver looked a lot like James Island Representative Anne Peterson Hutto.

Even after leaving the work zone, she kept driving much the same way, until she got boxed in by traffic near the Dorchester Road exit.

Having seen this, we in the Blogland would like to know how she feels about work zone safety issues.

Or maybe she feels that traffic and work zone laws are just for everyone else?

Perhaps she was inspired by this video:

9 Response to "Representative Anne Hutto and Work Zone Safety"

  1. Anonymous 19/11/09 20:57
    Since I know you will nt post this, I'll tell you how I really feel.

    You stupid asshole. I know you want Wallace to run for that seat again and you just don't understand. Maybe she had a reason for the way she was driving. Maybe something important. You don't know that.

    You will be very sorry you wrote this posting. Just wait and see buddy boy.
  2. Anonymous 19/11/09 23:38
    Agreed, let's ask Rep. Hutto if there was an emergency that she was heading to...

    AND 20:57....Wallace can't run for that seat since he's marrying Catherine Ceips this December and moving to Beaufort...maybe he'll run in that district - who's seat would that be, Earl???
  3. Anonymous 20/11/09 10:15
    Anon 20:57 exactly what reason does a state rep have for speeding and placing the lives of state hwy workers at risk? And please don't say reps can not be stopped by law enforcement in the performance of legislative duties, that law only applies when they are in session and on the way to Columbia,which does not apply in this case!

    And as far as your little threat goes,take your best shot buddy boy. Earl I've got your back on this one...teg
  4. Anonymous 20/11/09 10:20
    We get Seithel who had driving issues, hot gun Wallace and now hot rod anne. When will 115 get a serious rep who does their job and doesn't treat people and the laws like a joke?!?!?!?!?!?
  5. Earl Capps 20/11/09 11:29
    23:38 - if it's Beaufort or near the town, it's either Erickson or Hodges. The lines sort of zig-zag so it would depend upon the address.
  6. Anonymous 20/11/09 13:22
    Hutto has that seat thanks to Don Bobby and if she says she was racing to a session, like Lt Gov. Mario Andretti, so be it.

    Earl, we know you're Seithel's biotch, bark for us too.
  7. Anonymous 23/11/09 06:50
    Eastbound takes you away from the state house.
  8. Anonymous 23/11/09 14:47
    I dont mean to be Mr. Obvious, but how do we know she was speeding? I mean, she obviously wasn't going too fast for you to take a picture, right? And we only have your word for how fast you were going.

    Seriously, this is what is wrong with all blogs; there is no way to verify whether this is a legitimate statement on her attitudes and driving or whether you are making a mountain out of a molehill.

    I have read your blog for years, but you are off the mark on this.
  9. Earl Capps 23/11/09 16:48
    So what's way off base, whoever you are? Seeing a problem and talking about it?

    Then you're free to believe the person who says I'm just doing this to score points to help topple her from the seat.

    I keep a DVD camera in my trunk for project site investigations. I'll be sure to keep it close next time.

    If you really read my blog, then I would presume you trust me and what I say - until now. If you think I'm lying, then don't waste your time shopping here in the future.

    I don't know who you are, but I'm betting you've never been out on jobsites and seen what hazards these guys are exposed to.

    Defend her and what she did if you want, but nobody is above the law in my book.

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