SCGOP's Virginia Vacation recap

Recently, Palmetto State Republicans joined many others in traveling to Virginia to help push the GOP ticket over the top. They took part in a first-class operation which accomplished a clean sweep of statewide offices and picked up six seats in the Virginia House.

For a state which the Democrats thought they were taking over, it was no small setback.

As shown in this photo, Adam Piper (on the left) was heavily involved in planning the operation, in which the latest in computer techology to develop a winning game plan.

We also want to thank a number of others who took part in this venture, beginning with Sally Atwater, whose husband was Lee Atwater, the famous GOP strategist, as well as these fine folks:

Midlands team: SCGOP Political Director Matt Nichols, SCGOP Deputy Political Director Kurt Pickhardt, Eric Hollander, Nettie Britts, Adrienne Levy, and Rich (no last name, but we know he's from Kershaw).

Upstate team: Adam Piper, Katie Wellborn, Christine Byington, Scott Cox, Summer Harris, Will Sturm, and Chris Godbey.

We understand another team from the College of Charleston also took part, but we don't know who they are as of yet.

A number of these individuals also played a role in the recent "Cherokee Two-fer", where a special election State House pick-up in the Upstate was followed by the neighboring Rep. switching to the GOP. In talking with several GOP operatives, these sort of cost-effective grassroots tactics will be seen more often in the future.

If there's important work to be done, look for this wrecking crew to show up in your neck of the woods.

2 Response to "SCGOP's Virginia Vacation recap"

  1. Chris Oviatt 10/11/09 20:25

    Richard Holmes was the gentleman from Kershaw County that attended.

    Chris Oviatt
    Chairman, KCGOP
  2. Anonymous 13/11/09 15:18
    Where was the SCYR team.

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