South Carolina Republicans kicking tail and raising hell in Virginia

We take you (kind of) live to Fairfax County, Virginia, where Republicans from South Carolina have arrived to help fuel GOP Get-Out-The-Vote efforts:

When Republicans are pushing the vote in northern Virginia, it's a sure sign the Democrats are desperately on the defense going into Tuesday's election. Kudos to Adam Piper, Matt Nichols and others who are taking the fight to the Democrats on their turf for a change!

4 Response to "South Carolina Republicans kicking tail and raising hell in Virginia"

  1. Anonymous 2/11/09 13:52
    Guess that's good since the Gamecocks certainly didn't in Tennessee!
  2. west_rhino 4/11/09 10:27
    VA and NJ in the win column... NY 23rd goes to the RINOs, um Dems without a mask, thanks to party chairs picking a spineless RINO behind closed doors. SC Dems learned that wasn't a good idea when they pre-empted primary winner Pug Ravenel for William Jennings Bryan Dorn circa 74, nu?
  3. mg 4/11/09 14:44
    I remember that race west_rhino.
  4. west_rhino 5/11/09 09:31
    So do I moye... I think it charachterized the SC Democrats for a few decades. The SCGOP was growing, Strom and Albert Watson (my congressman at the time) had been the shining stars in the GOP crown and Jim Edwards breaking the good ol' bubba yella dog hold on Arsenal Hill's occupancy was a wake up call. The $treet money get out the vote, er steeple building fund, still relied on the no questions asked skep an fetch it "this voter is askin' for assistance in the booth to find the big D on the lever an I'm gonna show him" wink, wink, nudge "well his name is on the voter roll, you wanna sign for 'im?" was cheaply bought, though the truth Dr. King and Ghandi found in Christ's words, "You shall know the truth and it shall set you free" was beginning to shake the slaves shackles, in spite of the voting rights act. The 6th CD still seems to wear those shackles, gladly, conned into the idea that it is pride.

    Oh ye suckers

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