Connor's making mountains out of websites

This week, the Connor for Lt. Governor campaign is doing what every campaign does - seeking opportunities to generate earned media publicity for their campaign.

But sometimes, one can go a little too far, as evidenced by their efforts to allege an
Al-Queda hit job on their website, which was recently defaced:

I hate to tell them, but amatuer pranksters and hacker groups carry out mass website defacements all the time. Sometimes it's politics, sometimes ethnic pride, and sometimes just a way to show the level of their talents, since public websites can be viewed, thus allowing them to show the "score".

As the IT and website admin for my company, I know this all too well. Several months ago, they trashed my company’s corporate website – A few days later, it was back online and our host ended up moving to a more secure server.

If you want to read more, Zone-H is a major defacement archive website.

Cotton Boll Conspiracy hits it right on the head, citing

a computer expert contacted by The Associated Press who studied the site says the alterations are similar to those made about 4,500 times elsewhere on the Web.

Ray Dickenson of the technology security firm Authentium also says the alterations do not appear to have any political content in them.

My advice, quit making mountains out of websites (mole hills), and take your web hosting service to task over their server security.

2 Response to "Connor's making mountains out of websites"

  1. west_rhino 3/12/09 12:35
    Maybe easier to do than defacing campaign signs and more difficult to counter (infrared game cameras seem kinda neat for that and just might be streamed).

    Maybe the $144 question is, "Is there egg on more than one face here?"
  2. down in Williamsburg 5/12/09 13:08
    My question is how do you know where the problem came from and the part of the world it came from. Osama did this to Conner.

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