Grady Patterson: A magnificent example of the greatest generation

On the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, one of the veterans of that war, former State Treasurer Grady Patterson left this earth today.

As a father, veteran of World War Two and the Korean conflict, as well as serving in statewide office for over three decades, Patterson not only answered the call to duty in his younger years, he made service to his family, his state, and his nation the central mission of his life. In this, Patterson, part of what has been coined "the Greatest Generation" of American history, is one of the truly greatest individuals to come from that honored generation.

While the Blogland didn't have much about him that we agreed with, there is much about him that is worth honoring, and much that will be missed with his passing.

"They don't make them that way anymore" is a saying we hear very often, but in his case, it's a truth worth pondering, and a challenge to future generations of South Carolinians. It is certainly something which applies to the likes of Patterson.

For his lifelong legacy of public service, as well as setting a standard that we should all aspire to, Grady Patterson and his family have our prayers and our gratitude. We in the Blogland hope our readers will join us.

May his memory be eternal.

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  1. R. Brian McCarty 8/12/09 03:23
    Earl, I join you in paying respects to Grady Patterson. Rarely do you find such a stand up guy in politics.

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