Here comes the Beaufort bride

It seems that two former legislators are getting married this weekend: a former Representative from Charleston County and a former Senator from Beaufort County.

We won’t name names, because we don’t want to make anyone else mad at us, but we suspect our readers, being smart and informed folks, will figure out who we’re talking about.

What we can tell you is this: you should never believe rumors. Never ever believe rumors about what people might be doing.

At least not until evidence confirms what you may have heard.

We’re sure it was an oversight that we, like most (if not all) of our readers, weren’t invited, but we won’t let that cause us to be rude. That’s why, in the best Southern tradition, we’re asking our readers to put forth some great gift ideas for the newlyweds.

And if you know who we’re talking about, please join us in wishing them the very best.

UPDATE: The Beaufort County Island Packet reported that Wallace Scarborough and Catherine Ceips got married at her place.

10 Response to "Here comes the Beaufort bride"

  1. Anonymous 11/12/09 16:19
    Out of true love, I will give the bride a set of golf clubs.
  2. Anonymous 11/12/09 17:16
    Catallace Scarceips?
  3. Anonymous 11/12/09 17:42
    Might buy something silver-plated but definitely not worthy of sterling!
  4. Earl Capps 11/12/09 19:16
    I can feel the love tonight.
  5. Calhoun Fawls 12/12/09 09:54
    I would not do that. Someone has to take one for the team. God be with him.
  6. Anonymous 12/12/09 10:04
    Earl, this is so mean of you to do this. What have they ever done to you?
  7. Picky 12/12/09 15:53
    I want to know if the wedding will include a firm lecture about doing heroin and illegals working on homes?
  8. Anonymous 12/12/09 21:18
  9. Anonymous 13/12/09 11:09
    Certainly hope there was no power outage in downtown Beaufort yesterday with all that bad weather. Porch work can be expensive!
  10. Anonymous 14/12/09 16:16
    His and Hers Cheerleading outfits to wear next November?? Not sure either one of them needs a megaphone, though....

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