Looking at Senate pre-filed legislation

Last week, pre-filing for the Senate saw over 100 bills get filed. To help our readers get a sense of what is what, the Blogland went through the list of pre-filed bills and picked out some of what we saw as more noteworthy pieces of legislation.

Here’s some of what caught our eyes:

  • The “Mark Sanford Act” – S 901 by McConnell. This would define when the Lt. Governor could assume the powers of Governor in an emergency or in the absence of the Governor.

  • S 904, by McConnell, would prohibit those who receive probation after committing violent offenses from getting probation for future offenses.

  • S 911, by Land, would add killing an emergency service provider to the list of aggravated circumstances eligible for the death penalty.

  • S 933, by Courson and Knotts, would make Veteran’s Day a school holiday.

  • S 934, by Reese and S 981, by Rose, would give grandparents visitation rights with their grandchildren.

  • S 949, by Verdin, would increase penalties for dumping trash on public and private property.

  • S 969, by Bryant, would keep courts from terminating restraining orders early without receiving the consent of the person who sought the order.

  • S 977, by Lourie, would require someone involved in four collisions in a 24 month period to undergo a driver’s examination.

  • S 982, by Rose, would require annexations to be consistent with local comprehensive land use plans. This would help deter developers who annex to avoid county zoning ordinances.

  • S 995, by Rose, would give voters the right to recall elected officials, and S 1002, also by Rose, would give voters the right to enact laws via intiative petitions.

  • S 1009, by Rose, would require nursing homes to notify coroners of deaths.

  • S 1013, by Rose, would allow coroners to attend classes at the state Criminal Justice Academy.
    We encourage our readers to go and see what else got pre-filed.

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    1. mg 14/12/09 18:04
      I have been behind the Grandparents bill for years

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