There's Gotta Be A Redneck Joke In This

Earlier this evening, the Blogland accepted the hospitality of Rep. Phillip Lowe, the Florence GOP's McLaughlin sisters (... and Dana too!) and other upstanding figures in Florence politics at Lowe's "Redneck Christmas Party". Off all the many GOP events attended around the state, this event was undoubtedly the most enjoyable and creative one we've been to in years.

The place was packed with assorted rednecks ... including a redneck professor who reportedly was proud of his mail order degrees, for which he paid top dollar.

Reputed Pee Dee blogger Mike Reino was not at the event. Something tells us someone meant to make sure he didn't get there.

As the photos indicate, no amount of effort or expense was spared in hosting a high-class event:

We're not sure if Social Services was called in to investigate this one:

More photos can be found via my Facebook photo album page.

7 Response to "There's Gotta Be A Redneck Joke In This"

  1. Mike Reino 6/12/09 09:09
    Having me at a redneck event taints the gene pool ! Wish I could have been there, but time and distance.... Everyone knows if Dana Shriver is throwing a party, it is guaranteed to be great.
  2. Anonymous 6/12/09 10:25
    Earl, we see the sad attempt to sneak in advertising for your boy Ken Ard via one of those photos. Do you really think we're stupid?
  3. Anonymous 6/12/09 23:56
    Oh, I love me some Mike Reino!!!!! Earl, I can't believe you didn't give me any credit in this blog post for my decorating skills. You were just showing the "McLaughin Sisters" Celia and Stephanie all the love. Now I'm sad.

  4. Earl Capps 7/12/09 00:02
    Dana, they both reviewed my draft write-up to make sure nothing was missed, so that makes it their fault :)
  5. Anonymous 7/12/09 00:31
    Oh, you just wait until I talk to them. HMMMMMMMMMMMMM
  6. Anonymous 7/12/09 10:48
    We know Mike "The Fixer" was off tending to Gators and Cowboys this weekend, though desecrating Tom Landry's hat with a bad Shat impression... somethings even are beyond the pale for a redneck.
  7. Mike Reino 8/12/09 20:50
    Ahhh, nothing like getting love from the ZMAX Babe !! Miss ya, Dana - why weren't you this lovey when I was in Flotown ??!!

    yes, I did put a hex on the 'Boys and Gators. All weekend, I ran around the house with a garlic necklace, yelling 'Malocchio, Malocchio !!!'

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