Two birthdays, two parties, one county: Cathy Harvin and Moye Graham

Special New Year's Eve Birthday wishes go out to two of Clarendon County's top politicos: State Rep Cathy Harvin (D-Summerton) and Clarendon County GOP Chair Moye Graham (R-Graham Slough). While they may not share a lot of positions on issues, at least they share New Year's Eve as their birthdays.

When we first saw this photo (Harvin and Graham are the two in the center), we believed that they were plotting a party switch, but we now suspect they may have been planning a bi-partisan birthday party..

Sources close to the Blogland informed us of the following:

  • Rep. Harvin is dreading the prospects that every birthday is one closer to turning 30, and
  • Moye Graham was having so much fun celebrating his birthday, the folks on the other side of Lake Marion from his house called the cops.
In any other universe, these two political opposites sharing a birthday might seem strange, but when you consider that this IS South Carolina, it doesn't seem so out of place.

4 Response to "Two birthdays, two parties, one county: Cathy Harvin and Moye Graham"

  1. June Brailsford 31/12/09 17:05
    Ain't life great!! Happy Birthday Moye and Kathy. Mike says Moye is 35 and Earl says Kathy is 30, so I must be 39. I can live with that.
    Happy New Year to all.
  2. Moye Graham 1/1/10 17:23
    Earl let me start by saying thanks for the Post. It is true Cathy and I do have the same Birtday and also true we probably do not think much a like on politics. How we are a like we both want the best for Clarendon County and we both love the people here. Come see us soon where you are always welcome.
  3. Anonymous 2/1/10 22:44
    We love it
  4. mg 3/1/10 15:02
    Got three or four pounds of BBQ in freezer at lake for you. Be back Friday.

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