At the State House today

It was a long day at the State House, talking about a couple of issues important to the Blogland - and the people of South Carolina - with a lot of legislators.

As always, it was great to see all the friendly folks - and its always funny to see people who should hate yours truly for past stories, but never stop to think that this long-haired, casually-dressed type was the trouble-making author of the Blogland.

A lot of people deserve thanks for their hospitality today, as well as their willingess to discuss these issues. We won't go into details as to what we talked about, or who with, but they know.

We'd have gotten to more Senators today, but with the late filibuster in the Senate, it just wasn't in the cards. For those who couldn't make their appointments, no problem. For those staffers who did their best to accomoodate us, thanks!

Of course, January is "hunting season", where college board and judicial candidates swarm the State House, seeking appointments or re-appointments. We got to talk with a few of them as well (but a lot of them have no interest in someone who is not a legislator and some are quite rude about it) today, and we appreciate their willingness to talk, but as the photo above shows, some legislators are begging for mercy.

Which we've talked about before.

The one we saw around the most was Maite Murphy, eagerly working for at At-Large Circuit Court seat.

More on those issues we've discussed soon ...

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