Birthday fun in Florence

Stephanie Rawlinson is one of the rising stars of Republican politics in the Pee Dee region. So it wasn't too much of a surprise to see many of Florence County's most active GOP operatives gathered for a surprise birthday party last night.

Even her husband was in on the plot, with her walking into a house packed full of appreciative friends, having no idea what was planned.

Anytime people follow the belief that GOP really means "G-O-Party", the Blogland is gonna be there as well. So with not much else to do that night, I went on up to show our appreciation for her work - and to have a lot of fun. Which everyone did.

While the cake refers to a 40th birthday, that is NOT how old she really is. However, I am not at liberty to say how old she really is. Something about getting drug into a swamp and beat to a pulp ...

As always, thanks to the most fun trio in South Carolina Republican circles: the McLaughlin sisters and Dana "the Lubricant Chick" Shriver, who were holding a ladies-only meeting in back when it was time to leave.

4 Response to "Birthday fun in Florence"

  1. mg 24/1/10 13:35
    got to love them
  2. Anonymous 29/1/10 02:05
    Dana "The Lubricant Chick"????? You are in so much trouble. Now you know what the meeting was about in the back room. LOL We were chatting about how we were going to punish Earl if he made any references to my old job at ZMAX Micro-Lubricant. That is a product for cars for anyone who may be wondering. It was a great story and it was so nice to see you. Hope you are having a great week.

  3. Anonymous 29/1/10 09:53
    Earl- I can't believe you drove up to Florence to surprise me! I am still in shock that yal got this whole party past me. Now , I can't help but wonder what else you guys have gotten away with that I don't know about just yet??? I am sure I will eventually figure it out! ;) I am blessed to know some really smart folks and have lots of really good friends. Thanks to everyone for a great party. Celia, "Lube Chic" and Kevin did a great job planning. Special thanks to Phillip for hosting. Thanks to you for driving up and for the shout out on the blog. Hope you will get back to Flotown again soon.

  4. Earl Capps 29/1/10 10:00
    I'm going to avoid your area at least until March is here, to avoid being at the mercy of your bunch of merry marauders.

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