Nettie Britts update: Benefit in Greenville - Sat. Feb 6

Since last summer, we've been updating Blogland readers on the progress of one of our readers - Midlands GOP activist and USC student Nettie Britts, who was attacked and darn near died by some thug who remains at large.

While we won't be happy until the punk pays dearly (or better yet gets shot resisting arrest), we're pleased to announce that Republicans from across the state are coming together for an evening to raise money to help pay her medical bills.

This benefit was organized by the Dean Allen for Adjutant General campaign, and will be held on the occasion of Ronald Reagan's birthday:

We are hosting a Reception & Dance February 6, 2010
Ronald Reagan's 98th Birthday
Cocktails 6:30 - 7:30 (Cash Bar)
Heavy Hors D'Oeuvres
Silent Auction
Black Tie Optional
Ballroom Dance Music by National Champion Phil Nolan

Augusta Manor
1004 Augusta Street Greenville, South Carolina 29605

This is a Benefit for Ms. Nettie Britts, President Richland County Young Republicans

Tickets: $25 per Person
Sponsorship $200

Sponsors Include:

  • Dr. Christina Jeffrey, Candidate for US Congress District 4
  • Mr. Dean Allen, Candidate for Adjutant General
  • Mr. Robert Bolchoz, Candidate for Attorney General
  • Sen. Larry Grooms, Candidate for Governor
  • LTC Bill Connor, Candidate for Lt. Governor
  • Commissioner Ken Ard, Candidate for Lt. Governor
  • Rep. Eric Bedingfield
  • Ms. Kelly Payne, Candidate for State Superintendent of Education
  • Ms. Sharon Wells
  • Mr. Phil Nolan
  • *Others will be added

    R.S.V.P. & make checks payable to:

    Attn: Dean Allen
    8 Rutledge Avenue Greenville, SC 29617

They're also soliciting donations for the silent auction. Even if you can't make it, please consider donating prizes and/or cash for this event. As my birthday will be the day before, I'm asking the Blogland's readers to make my birthday a good one by helping rally behind one of our fellow Republicans.

5 Response to "Nettie Britts update: Benefit in Greenville - Sat. Feb 6"

  1. mg 9/1/10 14:10
    I certainly plan to help or attend. Hope Dean Allen will show up.
  2. Nettie 13/1/10 22:34
    thanks for spreading the word, earl. knew I could count on ya.

    you'll have to dance with me on your birthday.
  3. Anonymous 19/1/10 14:50
    Very much want to help this young lady. Extremely concerned about sending a check to Dean Allen.
  4. Anonymous 22/1/10 00:30
    Thank you, Earl, for giving this event a plug. It's also heartwarming that others are willing to help. God bless you all! And I agree with your introduction, charity has to start at home. We conservatives have been proven to be the most charitable people in the most charitable country. There are statistics to support this!

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