Clemmons event was a great time!

We want to thank Ferris Bueller ... um, Alan Clemmons ... for his hospitality for inviting the Blogland to attend last night's reception for the Palmetto Patriot Leadership Committee.  When it comes to packing them in and putting on a great show, leave it to Alan to do it right.

Kind of like a high school kid on a parade float in downtown Chicago, only Alan's even cooler.

The fundraiser event for the PPLC PAC, organized by Rep. Alan "Ferris Bueller" Clemmons, was well-attended indeed. With House Speaker Bobby Harrell there, along with about three dozen legislators along with several dozen other supporters, the ballroom at the Clarion in downtown Columbia was packed.

Those who missed it really missed out on a great time, and we certainly look forward to his next event.

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