Congressman Henry Brown's next political move?

Lowcountry political circles are buzzing with reports that while current First District Congressman Henry Brown is leaving Congress, he may not yet be done with Lowcountry politics.

Talk in the last two days has exploded about Brown's potential candidacy for the office of Berkeley County Supervisor, joining an already crowded Republican primary field which includes incumbent Supervisor Dan Davis, Berkeley County School Board member Terry Hardesty, Hanahan Mayor Minnie Blackwell and former County Council member Jean Woods, Jr.

Berkeley County is one of four counties in the state which elect the office of County Supervisor, who serves as the Executive officer of county government, as well as the Chair of County Council.

While Brown battled to hold onto the usually safe Republican Congressional seat in 2008, his Berkeley County base, where his political career began as a Hanahan Town Council member and State Representative, has remained loyal to him. Many of Brown's supporters have supported Davis, but as they have much longer loyalties to the retiring Congressman, it's hard to imagine that many won't ditch Davis to support Brown, or simply sit the race out.

As many of the supporters of Blackwell and Hardesty have long been ardent Davis opponents, and Brown has the potential to steal many of the incumbent's supporters, a Brown candidacy would thrown this local race wide open - and prove that those who thought Henry Brown was going quietly into the political night were mistaken.

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  1. Anonymous 23/2/10 01:13
    This seems just odd to me. I haven't been as much of a naysayer as many about Rep. Brown but this is stupid. Some of these other candidates would be great for the job, particularly Minnie Blackwell.
  2. Nancy Corbin 23/2/10 10:22
    I think you and Henry have misread his support. While I am sure many will say to his face they will support him just because he is a Congressman, I believe when the get behind the curtain they will make another choice.
  3. Anonymous 23/2/10 12:25
    Emperor of Hanahan is available, can Sanford appoint him, since that doesn't appear as an elective office?
  4. Earl Capps 23/2/10 14:07
    Nancy, I have no idea exactly how much support he'll get, but it's safe to say that someone with decades of political victory in Berkeley County will get some, and in a five candidate race, even some can have an impact.

    Does he have enough to win? That remains to be seen.

    In any event, it'll be interesting to watch, but since him and Davis share a lot of supporters, and he has 700K in his campaign account, this turn of events can't make Davis very comfortable.
  5. Nancy Corbin 23/2/10 15:53
    Well it will be interesting. Between this race and the 1st Congressional race there will be a lot to talk about. The Supervisor candidates are on the calendar for April at the Berkeley Republican Breakfast. Come early, I think we will have a big crowd!
  6. Earl Capps 23/2/10 15:59
    I'll bet that should be a pretty lively show for April!
  7. Nancy Corbin 23/2/10 17:13
    I thought I heard that Jean Woods was running as a Democrat
  8. Earl Capps 23/2/10 17:55
    According to this, he's running as a Republican -

    But in reading it, I didn't see where much of what he had to say was specific to Berkeley County.

    Wasn't this the guy who made a short-lived candidacy for Berkeley GOP Chair?
  9. Anonymous 6/3/11 12:15
    when are we going to take a stand against high gas prices,or is it that there is just to much money going into politicians pockets. bill clinton did it, so can you, release the reserves,tell them we will not be held hostage, grow a set boys and girls. cc;pres.obama

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