Education employees: Quit Whining already

When we read stories like what we've seen in the Sunday Charleston Post and Courier about how some state agencies are getting cut to the bone, we really wish the education folks would shut their mouths and quit whining:

Struggling to keep its core staff intact after years of withering budget and staff cuts, Natural Resources managers have now told employees to expect a staff reduction of at least 50 people in the coming fiscal year.

The cuts already have led to the loss of one in every five employees, including one in every four law enforcement officers. They threaten monitoring and research that led to the recovery of depleted game fish such as red drum and sea trout. Wildlife officers are now spread so thin that concern has been raised about the ability to provide public safety, much less foster wildlife and game.

Maybe the education profesional whiners should consider stories like this, not to mention the state's double-digit unemployment race, and spend less time whining and bitching and a little more time doing their part to pull the state through these tough times.  However bad they think it is, it's a lot worse for others out there.

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