GOP rallies around challenger to Rep. Anne Hutto

Democratic State Rep. Anne Hutto's tenure in heavily-Republican House District 115 may turn out to be short-lived, with a Republican challenger with major backing announcing plans to take her on in the fall elections.

Assistant 9th Circuit Solicitor Peter McCoy announced today that he is running for South Carolina's 115th House of Representative seat.

After receiving widespread support and encouragement from family, friends, and elected officials, I have decided to become the Republican candidate to represent James Island and Folly Beach in the State House.

A broad coalition of Lowcountry Republicans quickly lined up to support McCoy's candidacy, including:

  • Charleston County Coroner Rae Wooten
  • State Representative Chip Limehouse
  • Congressional candidates Paul Thurmond (on Charleston County Council) and Carroll "Tumpy" Campbell
  • Charleston City Council members Blake Hallman, Tim Mallard and Mike Seekings
  • James Island Town Councilman Joe Qualey
  • Two high-profile former prosecutors: former U.S. Attorney Bart Daniel, and former S.C. Attorney General Charlie Condon.

McCoy isn't taking this challenge lightly, having already raised $40K for his campaign to take the seat from the Democratic one-termer. With the district's strong GOP lean, it's hard to see how Rep. Hutto, who is no stranger to the Blogland, can hope to win a second term.

4 Response to "GOP rallies around challenger to Rep. Anne Hutto"

  1. Anonymous 23/2/10 12:26
    So Robert Barber hasn't figured out that he'd have to run as a RINO... interesting.

    Wasn't Bobby George considering that seat too?
  2. Anonymous 23/2/10 12:27
  3. Anonymous 26/2/10 06:59
    Correction: Paul Thurmond is currently serving as a Charleston County councilman.
  4. Earl Capps 26/2/10 07:20
    Whoops! Thanks for catching that.

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