House Tort Reform effort coming up for a vote this week?

The Blogland has been informed that the ongoing House tort reform effort may kick into high gear later today or Wednesday at the latest.  We've been told that tort reform bill backers are seeking to get this bill moving by pushing this legislation to a vote by the full Judiciary Committee today.

We encourage our readers to contact anyone they know on the House Judiciary Committee and urge them to vote in favor of this legislation.  We've already done this and will be watching this closely.

The Senate tort reform subcommittee will meet again next week on S350, the Senate version of the bill, so keep an eye out for their efforts as well.

3 Response to "House Tort Reform effort coming up for a vote this week?"

  1. Michael Kirsch, M.D. 16/2/10 07:57
    Blogland is misinformed. In the House, tort reform is the 3rd rail. It's a non-starter. Of course, we need tort reform desperately. Right now, the medical liability system primarily only benefits one group. See under Legal Quality.
  2. Anonymous 16/2/10 12:02
    He is the one that is mis-informed. This bill deals with business liability issues, not medical malpractice. We are seeking to improve the business climate in SC. Med mal caps were enacted by the SC General Assembly in 2005.
  3. Anonymous 18/2/10 09:55
    Medical malpractice suits are very difficult to win, cost tons of money even to bring foward, and presently operate within caps. also, there are no punitive damage awards associated with lawsiut awards. It is just a plain lie that people in the state are suing doctors and hitting the lottery. I know this from personal experience. My child was 8 years old when she became a victim of serious medcial mapractice.What she received after a horrific battle with lawyers was a fraction of monies neccessary to care for her for the rest of her life, demminished as it will be! Another note, the lawyers get half after fees and expenses. What a joke, my child and others are suffering because of serious mistakes dr.s make.

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