MoveOn.Org getting involved in Second District race?

It's no secret that GOP Congressman's Joe Wilson's re-election bid has drawn the attention of national-level Democrats, with Rob Miller, his Democratic opponent, doing numerous out-of-state fundraiser events aimed at attracting national involvement for his second attempt to defeat Wilson.

One of the more interesting ties found in a recent story which looked at the intense levels of fundraising and spending the 2nd District race, is Miller's connections with the leftroots activist group, which received over seven thousand dollars for "credit card processing".

1 Response to "MoveOn.Org getting involved in Second District race?"

  1. west_rhino 9/2/10 09:43
    For the damnable case of being right when Alan's dad uttered, "You lie", he claimed a bigger bullseye for moveon.voterfraud and acorn to target. No wonder SC Demz pushed the caveat for election reform that picture ID comes into law AFTER the 2010 election.

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