Mud slinger Campbell has little room to talk

For the second time in a week, we've received a press release from the Tumpy Campbell campaign (which has gradually morphed from Tumpy to Carroll III to just Carroll) which has taken shots at State Representative Tim Scott, who entered the open First Congressional District race today.

Mr. Scott is just another politician in a string, all scrambling over one another to get into a campaign I have been in for nearly a year. The people of South Carolina are tired of political opportunists. They want real leadership - a leader with the guts to stand up for them. As someone who watched politics but chose to successfully help run businesses for over 20 years, I am ready to put my business experience to work for our District by creating jobs and growing South Carolina’s economy.

When he's talking about businesses that he's run, we're guessing he means ones like Carroll Campbell and Associates, a firm which engages in lobbying.

While Campbell seems to avoid discussing while insisting that he wasn't a registered lobbyist, the fact remains that he owns and operates a business which derives its revenue from lobbying. Same difference.

The addition of our new partners clearly demonstrates our commitment to politics and public policy in South Carolina. We plan to continue our goal of building a premier lobbying practice in this state," says Carroll Campbell, chairman of Carroll Campbell and Associates.

- Charleston City Paper, Oct. 21, 2009

In fact, this difference between these two points was perceived to be so small it was cited as the reason for his removal from the State Ports Authority Board:

Sanford cited a potential conflict as his reason for issuing an executive order Jan. 7 removing Campbell from the maritime agency's board.

State law prohibits lobbyists from sitting on state-appointed boards to avoid conflicts of interest. Campbell is chairman of Carroll Campbell & Associates, a Columbia-based governmental affairs consulting firm.

-Charleston Post and Courier, Jan. 16, 2008

Unlike a lot of people who think lobbyists are inherently evil, the Blogland actually appreciates having them around. They serve a valuable role by presenting valuable information about issues to help policymakers reach important decisions. In fact, the Blogland solicits and receives input from lobbyists, including those on both sides of some issues, to help better understand and discuss issues.

Perhaps someone with some government and policy experience would make a great Congressman, but Campbell's lack of candor, as well as his continual barrage of negativity - first at outgoing Congressman Henry Brown, and now fellow candidate Tim Scott - makes us wonder why he is so eager to draw the spotlight off himself and place it upon others.

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