Tim Scott to announce for Congress on Monday?

Weeks of speculation about State Rep. Tim Scott's political plans will end Monday.

Speaking to the Berkeley County Republican Breakfast Club meeting this morning, Scott informed attendees of plans to "make an announcement on Monday".

Stay tuned ...

2 Response to "Tim Scott to announce for Congress on Monday?"

  1. Nancy Corbin 7/2/10 09:58
    This will change the whole dynamic of the race for 1st Congressional District. I have long thought that Tim Scott's talent would be wasted in the Lt. Gov job and that he would be one of the most effective Congressman in Washington. I am glad that he has the courage to change his course and do what is best for the people of South Carolina. He will take some heat for this from some politicos, but he has great support from the people. As I said before, my only regret is he does not live in the 6th Congressional District.
  2. Anonymous 8/2/10 07:10
    Keep us informed, Earl!!! We're hopeful that Scott will run for this Congressional seat!!! SC would have had one of the best as Lt.Gov. but what a shot in the arm for our national delegation!

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