Valentine's Day: Love is in the Air ... and Cheaters are on the prowl

Valentine's Day is the day of love and happiness for some, loathing for some, and bad news for others.

Leave it to the Blogland, the brain child of a twice-divorced 80s leftover, to share an alternative view of such an occasion. But we're not the only ones who don't always get worked up over today. According to a survey by Rasmussen, while 36% of their survey respondents looked forward to Valetine's Day, 20% dread it, meaning that for every two excited about it, there's someone else who can't wait for it to be over with.

As someone who gave up hoping that the next Valentine's Day will be spent with a wife, I'm probably among the 20%, or maybe among the remaining 44% who have no strong opinions on today.

One has to wonder if private investigators, who find that Valentine's Day is a great day to catch cheaters in the act, are among those who look forward to today:

It is often easier to catch cheaters around Valentine's Day because they want to spend time with both their spouses and lovers so slip-ups occur. Many cheaters will withdraw large amounts of money to purchase extravagant gifts for their partners -- ringing alarm bells for those who aren't on the receiving end of the gifts.

So our advice to our readers is to make the most of what is a great day out - and watch out, because someone might be watching you.

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