Underground Utility Safety legislation moves forward

In today's Senate hearing for Senate Bill 1068, stakeholder groups came together to present their views on the legislation, which would update the oldest laws regarding underground utilities in the nation.

While there were differing views expressed about the finer points of the legislation, all agreed the time had come to fix these laws. It was also agreed that stakeholders would collaborate on working the current bill into a final form for quick Senate action.

It was agreed between Senators and stakeholders that the final draft of S1068 (or a similar bill) will be submitted to Judiciary committee members no later than early this summer. Senate Judiciary staff was directed to assist stakeholder representatives in working out the final details.

Thanks go to those who came today out of their shared concerns for safety and accountability, including some Blogland readers. The six Senators whose interest and hard work has helped move this legislation forward are due special thanks:

    Judiciary Committee members: Chair Luke Rankin (R-Horry), Paul Cambell (R-Berkeley) & Brad Hutto (D-Orangeburg) Bill Sponsors: Mike Rose, Primary (R-Dorchester), Larry Grooms (R-Berkeley) & Danny Verdin (R-Laurens)

As someone with a professional responsibility for construction jobsite safety, the outcome of this legislation directly affects the well-being of my co-workers, as well as the general public.

Look for updates on the efforts to amend S1068 and move this needed legislation forward ... or join the Facebook group for regular updates.

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