2010 SCGOP Silver Elephant Dinner recapped

Tonight's Silver Elephant Dinner was a great event.  Thanks go out to the SCGOP team for such a well-managed event, and Wes Donehue for the invite to attend the event.

I enjoyed the great view from the back stage as part of the Bloggers Panel along with Brad Warthen and Wes Wolfe.

Special thanks to the many Blogland readers who stopped by the Bloggers table, as well as talked to me around the event. I'm always amazed, flattered and honored to hear from all of you.

To give y'all a recap, here are the five reports from the event:

#1: Opening

2 Response to "2010 SCGOP Silver Elephant Dinner recapped"

  1. Anonymous 25/4/10 21:48
    Looking at you at that event, it was obvious you had nothing else to do on a Saturday night. I can see why you can't get a date, much less a steady GF or wife.
  2. Anonymous 25/4/10 22:11
    That's a pretty nasty thing to say, but some people can't take a joke

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